Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens Should Fall.

Escape from Gulph Mills

Debate then Action!

The earnestness with which this troupe of misfits throws themselves at a danger is quite refreshing from the day to day doldrums of making paper and printing propaganda.

After escaping Philadelphia in this deadly cold winter, I was relieved to find General Washington at Gulph Mills. He needed to be warned of the witch’s omen. I cannot recall how many of her visions have come to pass, but I have a sense about her magicks, and they are surely as real as the knife I have at my side.

I never spoke with General Washington. The baker’s reputation for savory treats bought him access, though. He reported Washington was afflicted by some confusion and this surely was a catalyst for the doom our beleaguered army. In fact, he had made this baker a Colonel in the army, given him a tidy uniform and some expensive sidearms. Much like one would dress a comical dwarf in a side show performance. But in Washington’s addled brain, this was perfectly normal.

After meeting with Martha Washington, I was given new orders, which seemed to indicate the source of a sorcery afflicting the General. I and any of the others in the Committee of Secret Correspondence were to find an English camp and neutralize its occupants. “At last!” I thought. My garrote would get some use.

The rest of our merry band was fixed like the northern star on a mundane solution to the problem of evacuating these troops. Our learned doctor even spent an evening with a French dandy to hopefully find some clue to move forward.

My father has a temper. A deranged and evil man if there was one on God’s earth. His fits of rage I came to learn and even to predict like a sailor can smell a storm. In those few seconds before violence erupted from his stout body, I learned to quickly place myself behind a chair, a table, anything to protect myself. It was in those moments I learned that action must be taken. To delay would mean a cracked rib or a broken finger, bent under my father’s rage.

It was this action that moved me to search the surrounding area for a logical place to find the camp. Clearly, on the ridge outside of town, my eagle eye spied a glint of something that belongs not in the natural surroundings of a light forest. I pointed this out to our band and the witch and the doctor were chosen to fly to the ridge, while the two colonels, the hunter, and I would trek up to the camp.

We watched the witch and the doctor fly toward the camp, and as they neared the area, they plummeted from the sky. Surely they should be dead, I thought. But, when we reached the camp it was deserted and the doctor and witch were inexplicably alive. They provided no explanation for why the camp was deserted nor for their survival.

After searching the area we discovered what I can only describe as magical talismans that fed the General’s confusion. These items were easily destroyed, thus freeing General Washington to relocate his troops to Valley Forge.




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