Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens Should Fall.

2015 and 2016 Notes.


[Game 1. Cafe Mox. All players present.]

We receive 2XP for time passed. When last we met it was spring, it is now June 28th, 1778. France has recognized our bid for independence. The heat is unbearable, at least 100F. We are in Monmouth, New Jersey. This is marshland, and we are donning thick wool uniforms under the command of General Christopher Lee. Soldiers are sweating, vomiting, and passing out from the exertion under the dreadful heat and humidity. Christopher, Connal and I (Linus) are encamped with the troops. Christopher is pulled into the command college, while Connal is a major player in code design. Sam and Hecuba are flying and doing ritualistic magic. Sam has built his broomstick and can ride it, with Hecuba’s guidance. They seem to be getting along pretty well. Jonathan is in command of a unit of young, stupid idiots. Christopher gets the command to “go over the hill and attack,” but he’s not sure what that means. Jonathan is bothered by a young soldier named Steve who tells him that Earl raped a guy, and the men are going to kill him. Jonathan manages to intimidate him tremendously and the young soldier nearly shits himself trying to get away. Meanwhile another soldier, Philip, continues to sass him. Jonathan smacks him and kicks him and he finally leaves. Meanwhile, I have dealt with 54 heat stroke deaths at the hospital! A seemingly crazy woman is bringing water to everyone in the hospital [most do not quite understand that water will help relieve heat stroke symptoms]. I have about 400 patients who are suffering from heat stroke, and I care for them in unconventional but effective ways. We hear the sounds of artillery. A guy in one of the medical tents suddenly grips my arm, whispers something about “the Saurians,” and dies. Sam shows up at Jonathan’s command tent carrying a giant broom. I wander over there as well, wondering what’s happening. A nutty Irish woman runs past me and demands water from Hecuba. She slices open a dead body to try to find water, and she sees that a thirty minute broom trip to the Delaware River is one option. The Irish gal Molly thinks this is inadequate. Christopher tells Molly to fill several barrels with dirt, and claiming he can turn the dirt into water. A general comes rushing in looking for the Transcendental Division. Jonathan engages him and he and the general exchange war stories. Jonathan learns that he is now under the command of General Benedict Arnold. Many cannon balls, about 40, hit my OR. The deaths are over 500, and it’s the greatest loss of life I’ve ever personally witnessed. Almost everyone I’ve worked with or cared for since I’ve been in this camp is now dead. I run and tell everyone in the leadership camp. Benedict Arnold has taken over and is quite overconfident and smarmy. He insists that we eat boiled beef and drink up. He also has a mission for us. The British Museum has lost a thing, something that came over on a boat. Molly is grateful to all of us for making the trip to get water to save the soldiers. She gives us a magical pitcher that holds more water than its volume, and the liquid in it is always pure and uncontaminated. George Washington walks in. He shakes everyone’s hand, including The Crabbit. He even promotes her to Magi, equal to a general. Washington is the leader of the Magi. Sam is assigned to be a scout. Washington also explains that Arnold has not explained the mission correctly. Basically some young sorcerer has brought the thing Arnold referred to over from Scotland, and he wants to understand it. He wants us to find out what it is and to see whether we can acquire it. We must go to Trenton, NJ for this. Hecuba and Sam fly there, and Connal and I join them. (Jonathan and Christopher walk.) We land and go into a Cathedral. A rotted body is there, and it slowly heals and reanimates. A brown man stands in front of us. He slams us around telekinetically. He is an Egyptian mummy, and Hecuba feels his curse. [We ask for XP and Matt refuses. We negotiate terms, but Matt insists that we fail. He is clearly agitated. In the end, he reluctantly gives us 2XP for the evening.]

10-30-2015 Devil’s Night

[Game 2. Dolliams. All players present.]

[I get 1XP for sending last session’s notes to Matt.]

We believe now that “the thing” may be this mummy. [I use my occultism skill] to think back about my formal teachings in The Occult and I remember that mummies have all their organs removed so they have no physical vulnerabilities that I can remember. I know there are secret rights that make a mummy: they have a spirit and a physical form, and if one survives, the other survives. Mummies are often created to guard things, and have the ability to instill terror in trespassers. Interestingly, Hecuba has now been cursed by the mummy [happened last game]. She will lose one health per day until she dies. The mummy can assume multiple forms but I don’t know what they might be. Sam uses his hunting skill to understand that the mummy has an astral form and a physical form, and he understands some of its other forms, including the locusts that it is now using against us. We must make a fright check. Locusts are ripping into our faces. I automatically put my hands over my face to defend against their assault. Meanwhile, Christopher and Jonathan are walking toward the Cathedral. They approach Trenton, NJ and witness a carnival. Jonathan has 6-10 dudes following along behind him, excited about the carnival. The soldiers run off for carnival/carnal knowledge. The locusts fly away.


[Game 1. Ray and Anna out of town.]


[Game 2. Todd’s. All players present.]

“Something” happened. There were locusts ripping into my face, and then a period of amnesia. The first thing I remember is waking up in a small room and board in Point Amboy (later known as South Amboy), a port town approximately 40 miles from Trenton. I have a job working on the docks, helping to haul in shipments from the Lower New York bay. Along with my physical duties, I heal the sprained ankles and pulled backs of my fellow dockworkers. Sometimes I do minor surgeries or deliver babies in exchange for alcohol. Every night I read voraciously about ancient Egyptian history and lore.



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