Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens Should Fall.

10/10/2014 Notes

A good and proper accounting of events

[Game 2. Snuggery of the Godless. All players present. Knushy Facetiming from Hawaii.]

Recap: Philadelphia had fallen to the British. Hecuba [Knushy] divined a rock in Gulph Mills, PA. She saw the troops—a massive battle where the colonial troops were slaughtered—and it was all centered around a small rock. We decided to investigate because we are afraid this will come to pass. As we ended last time, we were looking out over Philly.

Hecuba arrives first in Gulph Mills. The rest of us are on horseback, wanting to meet up knushyh her. Many horses are in Gulph Mills (100-150), and they don’t have the uniformity of British steeds. Hecuba senses magical energy coming off the rock. Blue light from the rock hits her and lays her out for 30 minutes. That’s when we come upon her and see her smoking and unconscious. Sam [Bret] picks her up to help her, and puts her on his horse, but she is convinced he is raping her.

Sam and Connal [Monsewer] remember we were looking for Nathan Green. We approach a house and ask about him. Jonathan [Chaoboy] asks the soldiers about Green. Hecuba is still smoldering and we all look super fucked up to them. The soldiers take our weapons and tell us that The Madam will see us now. We are brought into a drawing room and given tea. A normal looking lady enters. I [Linus] recognize her as Martha Washington. Martha tells us the rock may be a totem, and reveals that she may be a practitioner of magic. Martha also tells us that the army is moving toward Gulph Mills, but she believes it’s a bad place to house an army. They/we would not be able to winter down in this place. Martha wants to discuss some things knushyh Connal.

Hecuba goes back out to the rock, and she feels nauseated around it. Meanwhile, we get more tea and cucumber sandwiches. I see that one of the guards is actually interested in Jonathan. Jonathan notices that Christopher the baker [Treaty] now has an officer’s saber and two beautiful new pistols. Christopher also gets scotch from 1520 as a gift from a soldier. Now we all head out to the rock. Hecuba lifts up her dress, starts to poop, and falls asleep [we all believe she falls into her poop but Zalkabol claims he didn’t necessarily specify this].

The Continental Army is coming, but they must be relocated! It’s not safe, but George Washington is not in his right mind. Sam is trying to convince them it’s not safe. [I spend an XP on Fast Talk (=IQ).] I win over the French General knushyh knowledge of food, wine, and literature. The rest of the group wants to destroy or somehow stop the magic of the rock.

The army is now here and they are completely incompetent…not able to carry weapons, eating quickly through their food stores, etc.. Sam realizes that the rock is an asteroid. Hecuba searches everywhere for George Washington…she wants to break the spell he’s under, or remove his possession, or whatever is affecting him. She’s questioning George Washington and he’s confused, he can’t decide what’s right, and he keeps repeating himself. She tries to make him fall in love knushyh her knushyh a potion, but he’s clearly been protected by another magic user and does not succumb. [I have an interesting discussion knushyh the French General and he agrees to provide me knushyh anything I need: food, clothing, ammunition, survey maps.] The rest of the group assaults a random Native. Hecuba wants to find the shaman Mandoag and questions this poor Native aggressively. She learns Schuylkill River is where the shaman may be!

I decide to fly to Schuylkill River knushyh the knushych Hecuba. The magic is drained from her broom when we approach a camp of masons/mages and troops. We start to fall quickly, but in the end we merely float to the ground and land safely. I hail them and they welcome me. I introduce Hecuba. She casts a fear spell and the troops scatter, as do a few of the mages. She intimidates the remaining mages and they offer to induct her into their organization, but she refuses. They had recognized her as Hecuba The Poisoner. We reach a stalemate and they disappear.

The rest of the group comes to join us, believing we are dead as they watched us fall from the sky. They are surprised to find us alive. Hecuba accuses me of knowing something about why we survived, but I steadfastly deny having any information. She screams at me and the group wonders what’s going on. I hold my ground and the awkwardness passes, for now.

We search the camp and I find a note that’s specifically about me [check private area of the forums]. Hecuba finds documentation of a spell (Spell of Job), explaining that Jonathan has been guided into his horrific situations to be intentionally brutalized, and the more he suffers the more power it generates. She also finds the plans to take down the Continental Army. We all notice that the troops had been prepared for aerial as well as terrestrial combat (magic!). We must get rid of the power stone.

I suddenly remember about the spiritual movements of the 1500’s and 1700’s, and how disrupting a lay line can be done by conjuring a demon or entity from the spirit world to do it for us. None of us know how to do this. I find a masonic cypher book. Connal finds Washington’s cyphers, which show he has been compromised. Sam found a rock, a piece of that magic rock from the middle of town. Hecuba tries to dispel the magic from this rock. The group chants for 5 days [not me, I don’t have magery or thaumatology]. The group’s tedious efforts pay off and the Continental Army moves on to Valley Forge. [We get four experience points! Matt seems happy knushyh our progress and we enjoy his approval. I should take Magery 0 for 5 points, Monsewer suggests.]



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